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It May Be Time To Call It

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

How can I say this without piquing the interest of the guys and black suits and sunglasses? I see our country in a race to the bottom. We are quite literally moments away from total bankruptcy. At any moment, maybe one more military adventure, maybe one more super-sized natural disaster away from going flat-frickin' broke. When its creditors tell the U.S. Government no more, the end is at hand. It will be like the fall of the USSR and I can't wait. Heck, I'd be willing to poke a few more holes in the ship of state to quicken the sinking if I could. These dirty, greedy politicians have milked Americans long enough. Its time this farm folded, and the sheeple moved on to greener pastures.
Here's the thing we need to be ready for. When this titanic crashes, there will be vultures ready to swoop in to pick at the carcass. We need to be ready to rush in and defend that which will allow us the freedom, liberty, and responsibility we espouse in these writings. What's the use in trading one master for another? We'd still be slaves. I won't stand for that option. I'm tired of the leash; I'm tired of the regulations; I'm tired of the constant erosion of freedom. I would rather die a free man tomorrow, then live an entire lifetime as a slave to another.
Here's hoping the end comes quickly for this rotten ship of fools! Getting Frist elected as president would perpetuate this process. We libertarian-types may want to consider changing our tactics. Instead of trying to resurrect this stinking corpse, mabey we should put our energies into whatever will get the grave dug the quickest. Attempting to breathe new life into this government is like giving CPR to a mass-murderer... Some things you should just let die.


Blogger April said...

hmmmmm... looks like packing of baggage and shopping is in order for day off. ;) While this is not the normal fluff I read in is something that I live with day in, day out. I thought I should just awknowledge my awareness of the future yet to come. (When you want socks dearest....come see I make light to cope, but it truely saddens me to think that to be ensured of survival as a human I may have to leave my country and renounce it, for to stay and stand up as a true American may take more back bone and strenght than I can muster. I fear you, being the stronger, would stay. Who really knows what will come?

Once again, you prove that we are a union of the "fluff", you the "substance". I am honored, if weak.

9:48 PM  

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