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Free Willie

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

What do Willie Nelson, Tony Sizemore, Bobbie Nelson, Gates Moore, and David Anderson have in common? ...Anyone? ...Anyone? Well, besides all being over fifty, they were passengers on Willie's tour bus. That and they all were issued misdemeanor citations for possession of narcotic mushrooms and marijuana after a traffic stop Monday morning by Louisiana State Highway Police. What is interesting about this traffic stop, though, is that it occurred one week after Toby Keith admitted to smoking weed with Willie on his bus on the Colbert Report. (Click here to watch the video.)
I had to laugh while reading this article about the incident. Basically, what saved Willie from felony drug charges was the claiming of the drugs by his passengers. For an explanation, let's look to the article:
There were enough drugs on the bus to merit a felony charge of distribution if they had been found in one person's possession, Williams said. However, he said, all five people on the bus claimed the drugs as their own, so each was charged with misdemeanors.
Who says pot dulls the mind? Seems to me like quick thinking on their part to save Willie's bacon.


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