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The New Presidential Mood Advisory System

Sunday, September 17, 2006

The blogosphere is alive with posts about President Bush's Rose Garden Temper Tantrum thrown on September 15. I posted a PSA on this yesterday, but after reading Mark's post at South Puget Sound Libertarian, I decided that one more comment was needed before moving on. But first, what brought this on? As Mark pointed out in his post, "key Republicans in Congress oppos[ed] Bush's plan to bypass the Geneva Conventions on the treatment of prisoners, to immunize himself and his CIA torturers from prosecution for war crimes, and to set up military tribunals with procedures stacked against accused terrorists."

It occurred to me that citizens were in need of, in addition to the terrorist threat level, an advisory as to the state of the Presidential Mood. Therefore (you guessed it), I created one.

I'd say that right now, the level we're at would be HIGH. Friday, I would have put it at SEVERE, but things have calmed a bit. This may change in the coming week, as Congress is expected to vote on the various terrorist-related bills.


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