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Surf Anonymously With Tweaked Firefox

Thursday, September 21, 2006

It's always nice to get some good news every now and then. When it comes to online privacy and who may be peeking over your shoulder, there's a new tool available to keep out unwanted snoops. Quoting this article from
A tweaked version of Firefox that makes Web browsing anonymous has been released by a group of privacy-minded coders.
Every few minutes, the Torpark browser causes a computer's IP address to appear to change. IP addresses are numeric identifier given to computers on the Internet. The number can be used along with other data to potentially track down a user, as many Web sites keep track of IP addresses.
This is good news for those of you in the crowd who hold the belief that what you do online is your business alone. You can download the browser for free at It's a modified version of Portable Firefox, an optimized version of the browser that can be run off a USB memory stick on a computer. Be sure to check out the linked article for additional information.
Chalk one up for the hackers!


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