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An Ominous Warning?

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

I finally opened a letter I received about a week ago from Senator Val Stevens's office. It's her end-of-session newsletter explaining what things were accomplished on my behalf in state government. I'll reprint the first few paragraphs of the newsletter for you to read as I think it sends a warning that life here in Washington is going to get a whole lot more expensive being surrounded by so many socialists with their collective hands extended, reaching for taxpayer-funded hand outs...
Dear Friends,
With the 2007 session over, this is my report on the legislation that I believe will most affect you. There is not enough paper in Washington state to explain the frustration felt by those of us who attempted to protect your rights, your liberty and your freedoms. It has been said that "No man's life, liberty or property is safe while the legislature is in session," and this year is especially true.
As expected, with an income surplus projected to be over $2 billion, the Democrat supermajority spent it all and much, much more. You, citizen taxpayer, are now deep in debt and the bottom of the financial hole is yet to be determined. You may have heard of the spending bow wave--this one should be considered a tidal wave. Be prepared to pay more taxes as the legislation begins to take effect.
When we learned last winter that the taxpayers had overpaid the amount needed to maintain our bloated state government, special interest groups showed up to help the budget committee spend it. It quickly became apparent that there was not enough "extra money" to meet the demand. Unable to tell them NO, everyone but you got a piece of the surplus. (Returning the money to its rightful owner, you the taxpayer, was never a consideration.)
Her newsletter continues, but the remainder isn't relevant to this post. What is relevant is the formal notification that I've just been financially raped--again! When will this ever end? How much will be enough before these "special interest groups" will leave us alone? I'm sick of it!
At the bottom of her newsletter, Sen. Stevens has an apt quote from Thomas Jefferson:
Government big enough to give you everything you want is big enough to take everything you have.
By the way, that wasn't a warning by Thomas Jefferson... that was a prophecy. And we're now living it!


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