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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

"Our handgun law has saved countless lives -- keeping guns out of the hands of those who would hurt others or themselves."
~District of Columbia's Mayor Adrian Fenty
But how many lives have been lost because victims were unable to defend themselves from attackers who could care less about your idiotic handgun law?
It seems the Mayor is bound and determined to keep D.C. a gun-free victim zone. He's asking the U.S. Supreme Court to uphold a three-decade ban on handguns in the nation's capital.
Here's another quote for you. This one from the linked article:
Critics of the Washington ban say it is ineffective, noting the crime rate in the nation's capital is much higher than the national average, with 169 murders in 2006, 137 of which were committed with handguns.
137 murders committed with banned handguns? How can this be?!? The handgun law was suppose to save countless lives...
Oh, that's right. When you ban handguns, only cops and criminals will have them.


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