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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

About a week ago, I saw a news headline that caught my eye: European Socialists eager to work with U.S. Democrats. I grabbed the link and tossed it into my 'to look at later' folder. Well, its later. Here's a quick summary of the article. The first paragraph states:

European Socialists promised on Thursday to work to rebuild Europe's strategic alliance with the United States now that the Democrats control Congress after last month's elections.

In other words, the Republicans told the European Socialists to not bother spreading their message. Republicans weren't interested. But now that Democrats are "back in power", the European Socialists are ready to get down to the business of wealth redistribution.

Wait, it gets better. The article continues:

Howard Dean, chairman of the national committee of the U.S. Democratic Party, is attending the two-day [European Socialist Party] conference together with the leaders of leftist governments of several countries and party leaders from across Europe.

Whomever denies Democrats are Socialists is an ignorant fool. I mean, the proof is right here. Why else would the Portuguese Socialist Prime Minister Jose Socrates say, "Europe needs an America that is back on track."? What he's saying is that he needs America back on track with their Socialist agenda.

Get ready, America. You voted for it!


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