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An Other Cup (of Terrorism?)

Saturday, November 11, 2006

An Other Cup by Yusuf Islam. Click to purchase.I understand that Yusuf Islam--formerly known as singer Cat Stevens--has released a new album. It occurs to me that, under our vague and broad-reaching anti-terrorism laws, if you bought one of his records you may find yourself charged with "knowingly provid[ing] material support or resources to a foreign terrorist organization." (See USC Title 18, ยง 2339B)
Remember that Yusuf Islam was stopped while trying to enter the United States in September, 2004. It seems that he has the dubious distinction of being on several government watch lists, including the no-fly list. Quoting from this article found at
According to a CNN report, a government official said Islam was on the watch list because of "known associations and financial support to organisations (sic) believed to be aiding terrorism".
So it stands to reason that if you buy one of his records, you are indirectly "associat[ing] and [giving] financial support to organizations believed to be aiding terrorism."
How's that for some twisted logic? I wouldn't put it past our government officials to make this stretch, though. Logic, it seems, poses no barrier to them. So, go buy his newest album, An Other Cup, and live free.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just heard an interview on bbc radio 2 with Yusuf and he said he has received a Visa to visit the US.

The album is wonderful, full of gorgeous trademark Cat Stevens melodys and peaceful lyrics. A must-have album!!

8:34 AM  
Blogger Difranco said...

You can watch the BBC Imagine special courtesy of Google video

6:58 PM  

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