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Today's What the F**k Award

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

I've been reading a book about democracy and our Constitution. I plan to write a post or two on this book once I'm finished, but wanted to pause here to hand the author today's "What the F**K" award. Its given in recognition for the following passage from "Chapter XII, Individual Liberty and the Economic System," The Spirit of American Government:
Individual liberty in any real sense implies much more than the restriction of government authority. In fact, true liberty consists, as we have seen, not in divesting the government of effective power, but in making it an instrument for the unhampered expression and prompt enforcement of public opinion.
Ah, yes: public opinion. The truest expression of pure democracy in action. And what better way to impose the will of the masses on the minority but through force of government? Yes, why not marry those two strongholds of liberty? I foresee only good things coming out of that union. <sarcasm off!>


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