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I Voted Sticker

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Last night my wife and I sat down with our ballots and began the process of figuring out who and what we were voting for. The longer it took, the more frustrated she became; but we made it through it. When we were finished and were assembling out mail in ballots, she discovered the "I Voted" sticker. Fueled by her annoyance of this new mail in ballot procedure, she commented that this all seemed pointless. She asked how any of us were to know whether anybody even opens our ballots let alone counts them. She then said the sticker should say, "I Voted, but nobody will count it and it really doesn't matter anyway."
Obviously, that's way to wordy for a sticker; but I came up with this one instead:
This reminds me of a couple quotes...
  • If voting worked, it would be outlawed.
  • He who counts the votes calls the election.
I printed this off after I discovered that my wife--crafty as she is--has a sticker maker. Guess what we're wearing to work today!


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