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Obama's Health Care Plan

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

In an effort to put himself in a unique position from the other Democratic contenders, Barack Obama has declared that once he is crowned king of the United States Empire, he plans to decree that all subjects shall be covered by his new and improved, privately subsidized, government enforced health care plan.
"My [universal health care] plan begins by covering every American. If you already have health insurance, the only thing that will change for you under this plan is that the amount of money you will spend on premiums will be less," Obama said. "If you are one of 45 million Americans who don't have health insurance, you will after this plan becomes law."
And what of this law that will be the savior of the uninsured? How will the government conjure the money to pay for the insurance of 45 million American subjects?
"To help pay for this, we will ask all but the smallest businesses who don't make a meaningful contribution to the health coverage of their workers to do so to support this plan," said Obama. "And we also will repeal the temporary Bush tax cut for the wealthiest taxpayers."
First off, who decides what is meaningful? I'll give you a hint: it isn't you. Secondly, Obama's brilliant solution is to steal from the wealthy and from big-business to pay for health insurance for the needy. It's theft by government, nothing more. It's the same old socialist garbage they've been pushing down our throats for the last century. Also known as wealth redistribution. I don't want to seem callous towards the poor or needy amongst us, but do you really think that government sanctioned stealing from one group of people to provide for another group of people is the answer? If so, where do you draw the line? How much stealing is too much stealing?
I love it when Obama says they will ask businesses to support his plan. What if the businesses refuse? Would it be like the IRS's version of voluntary compliance? You know, where you get to voluntarily comply on your own, or they'll kick your door down with guns drawn, confiscate all you possessions, and pretty much ruin your life. Yeah, sign me up. I'm all about abuse by government! There's nothing like being asked to voluntarily participate in one of these hair-brained schemes while looking down the barrel of a gun.
And don't think that you're getting off without government sticking its nose into your business just because you pay for your insurance or you're a business that provides insurance coverage for your employees. Barack "The Babysitter" Obama also wants to impose some form of health police to watch over your lifestyle choices, all in the name of preventing diseases. We can already see this happening with the ban on trans fats and television commercials that advertise to kids.
Barack goes on to explain to us plebe's where this massive under--or non--insurance problem comes from: "the skyrocketing profits of the drug and insurance industries are paid for by the skyrocketing premiums that come from the pockets of the American people." Yes, those damned drug and insurance companies! They're sucking the life out of the American people. They should be strung up from the nearest tree. But, do you know why they're experiencing skyrocketing profits? Anyone?... Anyone? It's because these industries are protected behind a massive wall of government regulations.
If you want to blame anyone, blame government for the skyrocketing price of drugs and insurance. Don't be fooled by Obama's ridiculous Jedi-mind-trick of switching who the bad guy is in our story. If you get rid of government's meddling regulations and let the free market influence prices, the drug and insurance prices will come down. It doesn't help to solve this problem by confusing who the players are and the roles they play. Stay focused, people.
Ah, but most Americans are either blind to this or, frankly, don't care. Nanny State here we come!
P.S. Extra credit to anyone who can find in the United States Constitution where it authorizes the federal government to institute a national health care program such that Obama is proposing.


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