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Those Meddling Socialists Are At It Again

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Switzerland has long enjoyed peace for one simple reason: every other nation knew that every man in the Swiss nation was a well-trained shooter and had a weapon close by. But now the socialists want to change that. Their reason: high suicide rates which they attribute to the easy access to guns. Their solution: take away the guns--or rather, the ammunition for the guns. They reason that if people can't shoot themselves, the suicide rates will go down. Only an idiot can deduce that. People intent on killing themselves will still kill themselves. They'll just find alternative methods.
"Compared to countries abroad, a large number of suicides involve firearms ... And that's of course because it is easier to get hold of guns here," said Boris Banga, a socialist member of parliament who wants stricter laws.
So why are the affluent Swiss more prone to take their own lives than other nations?
One often-heard explanation highlights a link to religion, noting that Switzerland's predominantly Protestant areas have more suicides than Catholic cantons.
The second reason is certainly easy access to suicide methods, in this case firearms in Switzerland, which contributes to a high rate," said Vladeta Ajdacic, a sociologist at a psychiatric hospital at Zurich's university. (Source)
It sounds to me like the Swiss may actually be better off by banning religion. At least with guns you can protect your worldly possessions. Religion, on the other hand, is really only useful for protection after you're dead.
But I think the moral of this story is found in the words of Willi Pfund, who heads the country's Pro-Tell guns lobby:
"With a weapon in hand, Switzerland has won and kept its liberty over the centuries, because the individual citizen as a soldier took responsibility for himself and his kin."
Your Liberty, my friends, is what the socialist aims to take from you; your gun happens to stand in the way of him realizing that goal. Without the ability to defend your liberty with a firearm, his job is that much easier. The suicide excuse for the gun-grab is just that: an excuse. They mean to disarm the population by whatever method necessary. Remember, to a socialist, "The ends justify the means."


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