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Soon to be America's Most Wanted?

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Paul Craig Roberts has two articles (here and here) at that I found to be right on the money. The Bush administration has been allowed to run roughshod over our Constitutional Republic for far too long without being held accountable. After reading his articles, I couldn't help but imagine walking into my local post office to see on their most-wanted wall the following posters:

One can dream...

And what was the "money shot" of his articles? I think the following sums it up:

The Bush administration’s greatest success is its ability to escape accountability for its numerous impeachable offenses.

The administration’s offenses against US law, the US Constitution, civil liberties, human rights, and the Geneva Conventions, its lies to Congress and the American people, its vote-rigging scandals, its sweetheart no-bid contracts to favored firms, its political firing of Republican US Attorneys, its practice of kidnapping and torturing people in foreign hellholes, and its persecution of whistle blowers are altogether so vast that it is a major undertaking just to list them all.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

dude, seriously. u r the craziest person ive eva seen. geez laweez!
PS if u want ppl 2 post more comments just post one saying that right here and i will b sure 2 post more.

7:11 AM  

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