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It's Good to be the King's

Friday, March 16, 2007

This last week has shown that many of those appointed by the President view their service to this country from an unnatural perspective. Instead of viewing their place in government as one serving the American people, they've repeated time and again that they, "serve at the pleasure of the President." In other words, they feel they've been made the "official candlestick maker" for the kingdom, so the rest of us be damned! Furthermore, they're certain they'll remain in position as long as they keep in good standing with the king President for it is only he who can strip them of their officialdom. Unfortunately, in recent years this conclusion has proven correct.

They've learned to use the phrase, "I serve at the pleasure of the President" as a shield to protect themselves from scrutiny by the press and the American people. How can there be any legitimate representative democracy where accountability of public servants has been subverted by a President who's shielding his appointees from their misdeeds? No, Mr. Gonzales (and the rest who have uttered the following,) does not serve at the pleasure of the President, he may hold his office by appointment from the President, but he serves at the pleasure of the American people. All appointees would do well not to forget this!

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