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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Quoting from an article titled Europe seeks to tighten some online laws:

The aim [to outlaw the use of fake information to open e-mail accounts or set up Web sites], analysts say, is to make it easier for law enforcement to access information when they investigate crimes or terrorist attacks. But Europeans have long cherished their privacy, railing against measures that would see personal information stored for commercial use or government examination.

It seems the United States is ahead of Europe when it comes to governments spying on their citizen's internet activities. We're all suppose to give up our privacy because law enforcement claims it makes their jobs easier. If that's the goal then why not shove a GPS tracking device up my ass so my government can keep track of my every move? Mabey a shoulder-mounted camera so they can be sure I'm not looking at anything objectionable, and/or a microphone so they know I'm not listening to subversives?

Orwell would be proud!

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