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Monday, March 06, 2006

Why do you have a blog? What do you hope to accomplish?
I get asked these questions quite a bit when telling people about my blog. They're intrigued that I would be willing to write my personal thoughts down and then share them with the world. Of course, they're confusing a blog with a personal diary. After correcting this basic misunderstanding for them, they ask if I'm worried that government will come "a knocking" because of what I write about. It always amazes me how many people think it's a crime to speak out against the actions of their government.
But, I still haven't answered the original questions of why I blog, and what I hope to accomplish. To answer this, let me tell you about an excellent article by Lew Rockwell that I read this morning. At the very end of his article, Lew clarifies why he does what he does. I realized that his reasons paralleled mine. So, to answer these two questions, I'll quote Lew:
Our pathway is clear. It is a choice of the Mises Institute not to mix in the mire of a political system that is wholly owned or attempt to seek favor from influential opinion makers. Our path is one of education, pursued with high-minded ideals, advanced using the most modern methods, and animated by the spirit of guerilla warfare. There are Misesians and Rothbardians strewn throughout the academic world, financial and banking houses, law firms, and in every walk of life, not only in this country but all over the world.
We have worked for nearly a quarter of a century on a very radical project of advancing economic science and logic. We have pushed to keep the fire of freedom burning brightly. We have sought to teach anyone and everyone about the workings and benefits of liberty. We have come under pressure from the left, right, and center. Yet the attention given to this body of ideas grows by the day.

We can prevail against the Propaganda State. So long as we are free to do so and have the means available, we will continue to do so. This is our weapon against power. It is the most effective weapon anyone could ever possess. If we win this victory, we win all others.

That, my friend, is why I blog. Thank you, Lew, and everyone who contributes to, for all you do for us. And thank you, dear visitor, for reading this blog... and learning about liberty.


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