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The 5th of November Remembered!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

As a follow-up to yesterday's fundraising drive for the Ron Paul campaign, I wanted to share with you how he did. It was an exciting thing to behold as the donation counter on Paul's campaign website steadily marching on all day. At one point, it was ticking off donations at over $5000 per minute. Another website,, had a chart that was tracking donations all day for this event. The total haul for the day is shown below. I've colored in the 24 hour period (all times Eastern) to make it easier to read.
Almost immediately after midnight, the donations began pouring in. Then, around 7 am ET, things exploded and never really let up until just after midnight.
A heart-felt thank you goes out to all those who contributed and made this November the 5th a day that will not soon be forgot. I also wanted to thank the guys over at for bringing us their great play-by-play commentary on the day's events. I believe the official tally for the day was around 4.2 million dollars which broke several fundraising records. That's awesome!
The Ron Paul campaign had placed a fundraising goal of 12 million dollars by the end of December. In one day, financial supporters propelled them a third of the way to their goal. Combining those numbers with what's already been collected, and you've got a grand total of over 7.2 million dollars (as of this writing).
Again, well done!


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