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False Flag Terrorism

Friday, June 15, 2007

What's [not] funny about this whole thing with the terrorists is that I really don't think the terrorists give a rat's ass about average American citizens. Their beef has never been with the people, but with the government of America, as Dr. Ron Paul correctly points out. For instance, look at the targets of their 9/11 attack: The Pentagon which represents the U.S military, The World Trade Centers which represents the financial backing for our foreign adventures, and the White House which orchestrates our foreign policies. If the terrorists really wanted to kill Americans en mass, they'd have struck football stadiums or NASCAR races or other events that draw large crowds of people.
It's my opinion that the terrorists aren't trying to kill Americans, but you'd never know it listening to our government officials. What a handy way to control the American people: scare the hell out of them by telling them the boogey man is out to get them. What better way to get people to give up their freedoms and liberties than by dangling the carrot of security in front of their noses while Cheney sneaks up behind them and yells, "Boo!" Unfortunately for the Bush administration, they've done this tactic so often that many Americans are catching on to them. Now, we see Americans starting to turn around to say, "Knock it off, Dick!"
It's never okay to overreact when you're dealing with people's lives, freedoms, and liberties. Ask the thousands of Japanese the U.S. government interned during World War II. Approximately 120,000 people were uprooted from the lives and forced to live in prison camps. Their only crime: being Japanese. Or the thousands of Middle Easterners the FBI tracked down after the 9/11 attacks. Some of those people are still missing. Not to mention all the laws passed under the guise of protecting us from terrorists that turned out to be nothing more than giant power grabs by government. The U.S. government is one overreaction followed by another. It seems to never end... and I, for one, am sick of it!
(Note: Originally posted as a comment to Mark's post at South Puget Sound Libertarian)


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