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The Socialists Are Coming! The Socialists Are Coming!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Well to be honest, I think they're already here. But it sounds more dramatic that way.

Massachusetts... What are we going to do with you? I see that the Department of Health and Human Services has signed off on a waiver for you to receive $385 million in taxpayer funds to cover your state's poor health care. Wait, that doesn't sound right. It should be "poor who can't afford health care." That's better.

Good ol' Republican Governor Mitt Romney. What's the expression? RINO--Republican In Name Only. That about sums you up. If Goldwater were alive to see this, he'd have probably bitch-slapped you for this one. Could you possibly be any more traitorous to the Republican Platform? Since when is state/national health care one of the Republican's goals? Oh wait! I know: it occurred when the Repub.'s and the Dem.'s decided to collude against the American people to always maintain control of the government. (Frickin'

You know you've wandered too far left when you see
this quote by Sen. Ed Kennedy, D-Mass., praising a Republican's accomplishments:

"Instead of facing health care cuts, we're well on our way to achieving our longstanding goal of health care for all." (Emphasis mine)

But it's worse yet. While reading related articles, I found this:

The [Massachusetts health plan] is now hailed as a model for other U.S. states. (Emphasis mine)

Put this together with Kennedy's statement and you know where we're headed in the not to distant future. Socialized medicine will be forced on us in the exact same way Social Security was. After enough states get in the game, the Fed will step in to bring "unity" to all the state programs. They'll claim some compelling interest garbage to justify their overreach, I'm sure.

If they get their "goal" of socialized medicine, I'll guarantee you that ours will be added to the ever-growing pile of failed socialist states. Unlike the government, we just can't keep pulling money out of our asses to cover the costs. People have got to remember that someone has to pay for this mess.


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