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A Decision on Domestic Spying

Monday, June 12, 2006

A judge in Detroit is expected to hear arguments and render a decision on whether the U.S. government's domestic spying program is constitutional or not (see here for more). Judge Anna Diggs Taylor will hear arguments from the ACLU who want the spying program declared unconstitutional and stopped. The government lawyers are expected to push to have the case dropped because they claim that it will reveal state secrets.
Is it me, or do you also have a bad feeling about this? If the judge acquiesces to the Justice Department's demands, there will be nothing standing in the government's way when it comes to domestic surveillance of U.S. persons. Additionally, all the various cases brought against the U.S. government over spying will essentially be thrown out. The Fourth Amendment will be completely torn out of the Bill of Rights. We will all be standing in a new country where the government can--and will-spy on every aspect of your lives. Welcome to the new Police State.
Bill of Rights with the Fourth Amendment torn out.
...let's hope I'm wrong.


Blogger Mark said...

My guess is that, whatever Judge Taylor decides, when the case gets to the NOI (the Nine Old Illiterates on the Supreme Court), the Supremes will approve domestic spying under the "compelling interest" doctrine. Bush's latest appointments to the NOI are in favor of an all-powerful Executive. They will use whatever sleight-of-hand they can to override the Constitution. We are already in a police and surveillance state, in case no one has noticed.

11:44 AM  

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