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Hayden Confirmation

Friday, May 26, 2006

Fox guarding the henhouse?This just flashed across the wire:
How bad a person does one have to be before the Senate  will decline your nomination? I'm starting to think that with the long history of thugs holding office, our elected representatives can no longer distinguish "good" character traits from "bad" character traits.
Here's an interesting tidbit from this article:
During Thursday night's debate, Sen. Ron Wyden (news, bio, voting record), D-Ore., said the warrentless wiretapping program raised "serious questions about whether the general is the right person to lead the CIA, serious questions about whether the general will continue to be an administration cheerleader, serious questions about his credibility."
Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Pat Roberts, R-Kan., countered that Hayden "is eminently qualified" to lead the agency and that "he is the right choice to lead the CIA."
Sen. Ron Wyden may be acknowledging the "serious questions" about warrentless wiretapping, but he sure the hell ain't asking 'em. Heck, since Sen. Pat Roberts vouches for him, let's rubberstamp Hayden's approval and send him on his way. What's the point of having a confirmation hearing if the Senate is going to let even the most questionable character through? Folks, the system is broken.
I've got the same gut feeling about Michael Hayden as I did about Alberto Gonzales being nominated for Attorney General. I don't like this at all.


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