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More News on Iran's Oil Bourse

Monday, January 30, 2006

There's been a lot of buzz on the net recently about Iran's decision to switch to the Euro. Every day brings a new volley of articles talking up the possibility that Iran's pending oil bourse may be the straw that breaks the camel's back, pushing the U.S. into a conflict with them. I've read a number of these articles, and thought I'd share a quote from one particular article that pretty much gets to the point of what I think we need to be mindful of:
Somehow, big steps are seemingly being taken toward a war. According to them, just two months remain. Within the next two months, confusing allegations will resonate as to how much of a threat Iran has become.
So, why was the month of March chosen? What is behind the prediction that Iran will carry out a nuclear experiment in March? In other words, why are the USA and Israel drawing global attention to the month of March? Why are Turkey, Egypt and Saudi Arabia being pushed into a race of weapons build-up by bringing up the possibility that they may also acquire nuclear weapons?
Because, there is another event expected to occur in March, which could have an impact on the economy of the USA equivalent to a nuclear attack: in March, Teheran will implement its 2004 decision that it will start using the Euro instead of the Dollar in its petroleum trade, establishing a petroleum market, and breaking the “petrodollar” monopoly. Iran will open its petroleum market in March. Euro will replace Dollar in the petroleum trade. This will constitute a major attack on a vital component of the American Empire.
Now, if the fit hits the shan in March, you'll know why. Here's to hoping they're wrong...
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Blogger chrsitopher said...

If the bourse is such a threat, why wouldn't Iran put their nuclear program on hold until the bourse is up and running, instead of giving the US a good excuse for military action?

1:26 PM  

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