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Fascism, Redefined

Sunday, January 29, 2006

I was reading through some articles this morning when I ran across a definition of fascism by Dr. Steve Jonas that I wanted to share. He has an article posted at Thomas Paine's Corner titled, George Bush and the Doctrine of Original Intent, that explains for us the meaning behind terms used by Bush and company such as "original intent" and "strict construction".
I'm not totally on board with everything that Dr. Jonas puts forth in his article, but it is still an excellent read. Again, the part that caught my eye was his definition of the word fascism:
"Fascism is a politico-economic system in which there is: total executive branch control of both the legislative and administrative powers of government; no independent judiciary; no Constitution that embodies the Rule of Law standing above the people who run the government; no inherent personal rights or liberties; a single national ideology that first demonizes and then criminalizes all political, religious, and ideological opposition to it; and total corporate determination of economic, fiscal, and regulatory policy."
Sit back and reflect on that for a moment. Think of the many ways our country has changed, both politically and economically, in the last half dozen years or so. It kind of brings our "reality" into sharp focus when you observe it through the right lens, doesn't it?


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