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It's the System, Stupid

Monday, January 09, 2006

Strike the Root has an article in today's edition that I highly recommend. Robert Kaercher looks at the darker-side of lobbyists in Washington. He observes that their corruption is not the original problem, but a system of a greater cancer.
Here's an excerpt from his article that I especially liked:
The moral rot engulfs Washington and seeps out into the rest of the culture not in spite of our sacred dumbocratic system’s many virtues, but because of them, as genuine virtue and honesty are sneered at and derided while acts of duplicity are enshrined as virtues. For Abramoff and his ilk to come out of such a system is every bit as natural as puss oozing from an infected wound, but it’s important to understand that the oozing puss is a symptom, not a cause of the actual problem.  
Ah... the mental images he paints. Brilliant! Click here to read the full article.


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