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Myanmar's Mirror

Thursday, September 27, 2007

I've been following the story as it unfolds in Myanmar. It fascinates me waiting to see if a full-fledged revolution will erupt where small groups of monks struggle to bring "democracy" to the people. Have you ever noticed that it is always small groups of people who bring about big change? The rest are merely spectators waiting for the tide to shift.

A small cadre of military men currently hold that nation's government hostage. The monks appear to want to return governance to the people where it rightfully belongs. Here's the interesting part for me: knowing that all governments are legitimate only when they are derived from the consent of the governed, to watch this government fire on protesters in an attempt to protect itself from change because the people no longer consent. The government is no longer--or really never was--legitimate.

The people it claims to protect have decided they're done with the charade and wish to replace the government with one of their own choosing. So, who are these faceless government actors who fire into crowds of peaceful demonstrators in an attempt to maintain the status quo? At what point do we recognize the fact that the government in Myanmar is no longer acting in a legitimate role as the people's protectorate and is now acting to defend itself like a cornered dog from the will of the people.

The age-old struggle between the people and those who mean to rule them seems to be a recurring theme in human history. And that is why the people's never-ending vigilance is so important. Tyranny and oppression are inevitable, even in this country, unless kept in check by the people. Revolution by the few, sometimes being violent, is also inevitable, because most people are content with the bread and circuses offered to placate them. It is only those few who hold to higher morals and principles that strive for what is right and what is just. They are the ones who foment righteous change. They are the ones that history will hold in high regard.

Long live Liberty!


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