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Universal Healthcare: A Prediction Realized

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Back in April of 2006, I wrote a post about Massachusetts embracing socialism with its state-sponsored medical coverage for its citizens. At the end of that post I stated:
I believe this is part of a much bigger picture that is directly tied to the Social Security Act. It's part of the Democratic Party's long push to implement socialized medicine in the United States.
I then went on to flesh this claim out with a prediction in my April 20th post:
To achieve their goal, they must get states to implement their own versions. Once a sufficient number of individual states create their own unique programs, the socialist at the federal level would step in, declaring that they must nationalize the program to bring uniformity and equity for all citizens (claiming a mandate from the people, I'm sure). But, it has to be started at the state level to appear "grass-roots". If it were done top-down, they would be called out for trying to implement socialized medicine.
Today, I see that Massachusetts State Senator Ed Kennedy is pushing for the federal government to enact universal health coverage for all Americans. The ball is in play just as I predicted. I like to call this backdoor socialism, because they're sneaking this in right under the noses of Americans and we're all going to take it up the butt on this one.
It's coming, folks.


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