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Wanted: New A.G. For N.J.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

A news headline caught my eye last night that I wanted to share with you. The headline read, N.J. attorney general quits over ethics. My first thought was that someone in New Jersey has something that she could no longer stomach, forcing her to resign. After reading the article, I realized I was way off. It turns out that it was the actions of the attorney general, herself, that caused the problem.  Zulima Farber, the attorney general in question, showed up at a traffic stop involving her boy friend. After a little "intervening," he was able to leave even though it appeared that his vehicle was improperly registered and he was driving on a suspended license.
While that all looks bad for her, what I found interesting was what was stated at the end of the AP article:
Motor vehicle records show that Farber, 61, has had at least 12 speeding tickets, four bench warrants issued for her arrest and three license suspensions.
The report renewed calls for the resignation of the New Jersey's first Hispanic attorney general.
The next paragraph has got to be the understatement of the decade:
"She is incapable of leading the fight against official misconduct and abuse of power because her conduct indicates that she does not even recognize what those things are," said state Republican chairman Tom Wilson.
So tell me, exactly how crooked do you have to be before the state considers it to be too much? Incredible!


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