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Is Illegal Immigration State Created?

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Given the choice, which would you opt for: would you choose to sit on your butt because you're receiving welfare from the state, or would you find any kind of work that pays you enough to feed yourself? In my opinion, the average American would probably choose the former. That's why I believe the state has inadvertently created the environment by which illegal immigrants can find work and prosper in this country. You see, under normal conditions, the job market place would have a certain amount of hungry people willing to fill positions that no one else would be willing to do. Because the state has allowed poor people to feed off of taxpayer-funded welfare programs instead of going hungry, they turn to the state's handout, instead of the farmer's field for sustenance. I see it all the time. Individuals and families being supported by the state. You hear them reason that it would cost them too much to get a job because they would lose all the support they receive from the state. "Why should I give up all this free money to get a job?" they ask. That's a good question and it also exposes the imbalance artificially created by the state's various welfare programs in the job labor market.
The state has created the void in the job market that is being filled by illegal workers. Historically, poor people have been forced into doing menial jobs or labor-intensive jobs because there was, quite frankly, no other work to be had by unskilled individuals. Given the choice to either work or starve, they would choose to work. The state then stepped into this labor pool and said to these poor folks, "We'll give you monetary assistance, and food stamps, and housing assistance, and all the things that make your life better--for free!" The recipients of this state welfare think to themselves, "Great! The first thing I'm doing is quitting that crap job, because I just found me a sugar-daddy!" Why would anyone continue working at an unfavorable job when they could have all their needs taken care of by the all-powerful nanny state? So, they quit. Does their old job position disappear when they quit? No. The work still needs to be done. Their ex-employer still needs the ditch dug, or the dishes washed, but now finds it harder and harder to find willing workers. The state, through its welfare assistance plan, has destabilized the job labor market. To put it another way, the state is "hiring away" potential workers with a much better deal.
That's not the end of our story, though. We still need to balance out the job market place. We have on one side an employer who needs to fill a position and on the other side an employee pool looking for the best offer. After the state meddled in the job market with its welfare plan, the slice of workforce normally available to these employers is no longer there. Like I said before, the work still must be done and that's where "illegal" workers come in. They're hungry for work and willing to do just about anything for pay. Having snuck into the land of milk and cookies, they're forced out to the shadowy edges of society where they won't draw too much attention. After all, the last thing they want to do is get caught with their hand in the cookie jar. Knowing that if they're ever caught they'll be sent home, they look for work at the bottom end of the job market. These folks look for employment where the labor pool isn't fulfilling the needs of employers. They look for jobs that will add balance to the job market place because it won't draw attention from the authorities.
Why do they do the jobs that Americans won't do? Because they're trying to not get deported. They deliberately choose to work for these employers because they know that these employers are generally not going to report them to the authorities. If anything, many of these employers are sympathetic because they've also been oppressed by the state's regulations and meddling. After all, it was the state's meddling with the workforce that drove these employers to look at illegal workers in the first place. The demand for employees to do less than favorable work has always existed. Throughout history, there has always been "crap jobs" and those jobs have always been filled by the poorest of our numbers. That's just the cold-hard facts of life. The problem really isn't that Americans won't do these jobs, the problem is that there isn't the incentive for them to do these jobs. Just because the state has stepped in and removed from the workforce potential employees doesn't mean these jobs don't need to be done. Ask any employer who's hired illegal workers why he did it, and I'll bet you one of the reasons given is because he couldn't find American's willing to do it for the pay he was offering. Why would Americans choose to shovel you-know-what over cashing a welfare check? Why would anyone?
In conclusion, the state created this problem by removing American workers from the job market place. This state-created environment then enables more and more illegal workers to come into this country to fill these vacant positions. Additionally, by not adequately controlling the flow of illegal immigrants at our borders, the state has made it easier for illegal immigrants to come into this country. The state, never capable of recognizing it's own shortcomings, refuses to eliminate the artificially created environment that allows this problem to propagate. Instead of forcing Americans back into the workforce by eliminating state assistance, the state turns a blind-eye to the immigration problem. How long do you think illegal immigrants would continue to pour into this country if there was no work to be had once they got here? What we face today is the product of the state's various welfare programs that have been allowed to fester over many years. Illegal immigration is nothing more than an infection in the wound created by welfare programs. To put this another way, illegal immigration is a symptom of a greater disease, and the cure for this disease is quite simple. We need to allow the markets to work free from state's constant meddling. We need to get the state out of the workplace. We need to get the state out of the charity business. We need to get the state out of our lives, altogether.


Blogger Mark said...

Amen and Hallelujah, bro. And when the State fails in its self-appointed mission to control immigration, it looks around for others to blame, like employers. It tries to force them to become state agents, not hire "illegals" and report them to the state. It will fine employers for not being avid supporters of state regulations.

The State also creates the concept of illegal immigration by deciding it has the power to control the movement of individuals. Such things as requiring passports and preventing travel to unfavored places are the ways governments take away your freedom to travel.

11:49 AM  

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