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President Fox Argues for Illegal Immigration

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Mexican President Vicente Fox will meet with Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin and United States President George Bush today, in Texas, to discuss various issues concerning the three countries. Amongst the topics that will be discussed are NAFTA and illegal immigration. Fox especially wants to discuss the growing resistance the Mexican government sees against the waves of illegal immigrants pouring across the U.S. Border. One such group that has gotten his attention is the 950 member group known as the Minuteman Project. Their goal, beginning April 1 and lasting 30 days, is to assist U.S. Border Patrol by informing them when they see illegal immigrants breaching the Mexico-Arizona border. President Fox and the Mexican government are making plans to derail the Minuteman Project efforts. "We totally reject the idea of these migrant-hunting groups," Fox said. "We will use the law, international law and even U.S. law to make sure that these types of groups, which are a minority . . . will not have any opportunity to progress." (See here form more information.)
Let's stop there and look at what Fox is saying. Our United States Constitution, the Supreme Law of our Nation, clearly states: Article IV, Section 4: The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion; and on Application of the Legislature, or of the Executive (when the Legislature cannot be convened) against domestic Violence. We see from the above section that one of the proper functions of federal government is to protect each of the States from invasion. California is busting at the seems with illegal immigrants. There are numerous cases of illegal immigrants demanding medical treatment without paying for it. The citizens of California are left to pick up the tab. It is literally sucking that State's coffers dry. Our federal government needs to move to action. It plainly says so in their contract. But, when a government will not perform the functions that we have empowered them to do, we, as citizens, have the right to do it for them. I don't care what Vicente Fox says about rejecting the idea of migrant-hunting groups. Vicente Fox is in collusion with the illegal immigrants and is aiding and abetting them. After all, it was his government that created and distributes "The Guide for Mexican Immigrants" to aid individuals coming across the border illegally.

U.S. May Restrict Sale of Social Security Numbers

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Here we go again. U.S. Lawmakers have decided to try and put together a bill to protect you and me from information companies selling our private information on the open market. They want to create a law that would require these data-mining companies to get your permission before they sell your social security number to a private party. From a Yahoo News story:

Government-issued social security numbers are considered the key to identity-theft scams because they are frequently used as unique identifiers by banks and other companies that handle sensitive information, such as medical records.

"This is an industry still in denial, that still doesn't recognize how highly Americans value their privacy, and hopes to ride out this scandal," said Massachusetts Democratic Rep. Ed Markey, who has already introduced such a bill.

I ask you, how out of touch with reality are these lawmakers? "...doesn't recognize how highly Americans value their privacy" I don't "highly value" my privacy, I demand that my right to privacy not be violated, period. I don't want to get ripped off because some jerk hacks a database and steals my personal information. In my opinion, if some data-mining company has my personal information in their database, I'm already a victim of identity theft.

And another thing, from the quote above, "Government-issued social security numbers are considered the key to identity-theft scams because they are frequently used as unique identifiers by banks and other companies that handle sensitive information, such as medical records." Correct me if I'm wrong (and I'm not), but weren't we all told that the social security number was not to be used as a form of identification? And here we see the very opposite happening. It's that whole "war is peace" thing.

Wait, we're not done yet. Drum roll, please. And now, for the police-state loop hole: Joe Barton, a Texas Republican, said "he would probably carve out an exemption for police investigations." The lawmakers don't want to hinder the access of the police state to your information, just private industry. After all, they're the biggest customers of these data-mining companies. The lawmakers are just tightening up access to your information. They never intended for these data-mining companies to sell your information to the private sector. They were set up so that government, via private companies, could keep tabs on all Americans. They just found a convenient way to "kick out" the private sector customers. Welcome to "The New America! You are free, as long as you obey!"

The Book Of The American's Creed

Monday, March 14, 2005

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I came across this book at a second-hand bookstore in Snohomish, Washington. I’m always on the lookout for older books that describe how politics were viewed and approached by American Citizens before about 1930. It is my opinion that with the discarding of the gold-standard, the great depression, and the income-tax our country took a radical step away from where the Founding Fathers had intended our country to go.

This book is relatively short. I read the entire book in an afternoon. The intent of the book is to explain to the reader The American’s Creed. It tells the story of how the contest came to be, who won the contest, the roles of the parties involved, and most importantly, the meaning behind The American’s Creed.

I found the book rather compelling as it parallels many of my own libertarian-based beliefs of the proper role of government. It is interesting to see how life in the United States must have been in the early 20th century. The book explores the duties and responsibilities of the American Citizen as it relates to his/her government. It also explores such concepts as property rights, self-control and responsibility, and State and National sovereignty.

Open Border Policy and National Security

The has been much concern lately about our borders. Specifically, our southern border with Mexico. We are bordered on the south by a country that has decided its 'ok' to illegally enter into our country. To substantiate this accusation of border-jumping, I suggest you read "GUÍA DEL MIGRANTE MEXICANO".

If you're like me and don't speak or read spanish, I've got good news. I've put together a translated version of this comic book.
You can find it here. This comic book is packed full of really good information. Unfortunately, if the (Mexican) Secretary of Exterior Relations was really concerned with helping Mexican Citizens to immigrate into the U.S., they would have explained how to do it legally... not illegally!

For more information on this topic and our southern border, I suggest these articles by Frosty Wooldridge:

Immigration's Twenty Points of Reason
Immigration--Forget Bush: Go After Congress
Illegal Immigration: A Gathering Storm
America's Trojan Horse of Immigration
Bush's Guest Worker Atrocity Equals Third World Momentum
Colorado Governor Owens Undermines Federal Immigration Laws
Ten Reasons For Enforcing America's Immigration Laws
The Coming Break Up of America: Part 2
The Coming Break Up of America: Part 1
Draining America Into Poverty
Illegal Alien Handbook for Breaking Into America>

Frosty Wooldridge is an outspoken advocate for closing or tightening our borders with Mexico. Here's an excerpt from his news articles:

Write for that 28-point action letter to stop this nation-destroying madness. For you West Coast night owls, every Thursday you can catch yours truly in Las Vegas, Nevada on Mark Edwards’ "Wake Up America" talk show on 50,000watt KDWN-Am-720 10:00 PM to midnight PT, or on the worldwide internet at On the home page, click on heard around the world. Five nights a week, Edwards engages patriots from across the nation to bring you the latest on this nation-destroying invasion. If you are affected by illegal aliens, please write 600 to 800 words for national publication. Your name will remain private.

As a final thought... I don't want anyone to getting the wrong idea. I do not have a problem with people immigrating into our country, as long as they do it legally. If they enter our country illegally, they are basically invading us. It's as simple as that.

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