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Iran Conducting Secret Missions Inside U.S.

Sunday, January 16, 2005

What would you think if you saw this story posted on your favorite news service?
Report: Iran Conducting Secret Missions Inside U.S.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Iran has been conducting secret reconnaissance missions inside the United States to help identify potential nuclear, chemical and missile targets, The New Yorker magazine reported Sunday.

The article, by award-winning reporter Seymour Hersh, said the secret missions have been going on at least since last summer with the goal of identifying target information for three dozen or more suspected sites.

Hersh quotes one government consultant with close ties to the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps as saying, "The civilians in the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps want to go into the United States and destroy as much of the military infrastructure as possible..."

It would probably enrage you, wouldn't it? You'd be calling on our leaders to punish those rotten, no-good-for-nothing Iranians for their actions. How dare they come into the U.S. with the intent to blow up our military infrastructure!
Here's the good news, the above story is fictitious.
Now, the bad news... here's the real story: Report: U.S. Conducting Secret Missions Inside Iran.

Democrat's Agenda Revealed in Kennedy Speech

I was reading through my news feeds that have piled up on my computer when I ran across this speech by Sen. Edward M. Kennedy (D-Mass). I had the thought that I should read through it to see what the Democrats were up to. (Always good to keep an eye on the "enemy" - if you know what I mean.) As I'm reading the speech, I see the usual garbage that sounds like I'm reading a fluff piece espousing the ten planks of the communist manifesto when I come upon this...

"I propose that every child in America, upon reaching eighth grade, be offered a contract. Let students sign it, along with their parents and Uncle Sam. The contract will state that if you work hard, if you finish high school and are admitted to college, we will guarantee you the cost of earning a degree. Surely, we have reached a stage in America where we can say it and mean it – cost must never again be a bar to college education."

Yes, I know. I had to read it again. It actually says that we should have eighth graders sign contracts with the Government! Why would anyone in their right mind allow their child to enter into a legally binding contract with the Federal Government? But, wait. It's a three party contract -- child, parent, and government! Remember the three-party (you, your spouse, and the State) marriage certificate that gives the State the authority to take your kids if the State doesn't like the way your raising "their" children? The same thing would apply here, I'm sure. Notice that Mr. Kennedy doesn't mention what happens to the child or the parent(s) if the contract is defaulted on. What happens then? I'm sure that there would be a "penalty".
We all should take a moment to read this speech. It gives good insight into what to expect if the Democrats get control again. A little farther down in his speech, Mr. Kennedy talks about the Republican's attack on Social Security. He then branches into a new manifestation of socialism by saying:

"An essential part of our progressive vision is an America where no citizen of any age fears the cost of health care, and no employer refuses to create new jobs or cuts back on current jobs because of the high cost of providing health insurance.
The answer is Medicare, whose 40th birthday we will celebrate in July. I propose that as a 40th birthday gift to the American people, we expand Medicare over the next decade to cover every citizen – from birth to the end of life."
"...I propose to phase in Medicare for All... As we implement this reform, financing must be a shared responsibility. All will benefit, and all should contribute. Payroll taxes should be part of the financing, but so should general revenues, to make the financing as progressive as possible."

Well, that is just great! Now we all get to pay for some guy's drug addiction a thousand miles away, in another State altogether, for the rest of his life! What better way to create a "Utopian Society" than to saddle its members with an ever-increasing debt from medical expenses? Nothing was learned from the collapse of the Social Security Ponzi scheme. Now the Democrats are going to destroy Medicare, too. I say, more power to them. Its one less illegal government program that will have to be dismantled when the Federal Government is finally brought back under Constitutional constraints!

Where have all the WMD's gone?

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Now that we've come full-circle in Iraq to learn that the weapons of mass destruction don't exist, we're left asking a number of questions like: "Where have all the WMD's gone?" or "Were there any to begin with?" I recall reading Hans Blix saying that his team could not find these elusive WMD's that our Government just knew Saddam Hussein had hidden somewhere in his country. President Bush, Defense Secretary Rumsfeld, and Condoleezza Rice (to name a few) kept drumming into our heads that these weapons would be found. We just needed to remove Hussein to get to them... so we did. Guess what? Mr. Blix was right.

So, we American Taxpayers are stuck with an enormous war bill (a war that isn't even finished yet) to pay for and the very reason many Americans used to justify the war was a big, fat lie! There were no WMD's. There never was. If you listen to alternative news (roughly translates to: "news not answerable to it's advertiser's dollars") you quickly learn that the war was mostly a pet project of the neocon crowd. Unfortunately, they couldn't finance the war on their own, so they wiggled into positions of power, and then waited for the next "new pearl harbor" event to unleash their plan on us. And we fell for it, hook, line, and sinker!

What do we do now? We've decimated an entire country, killed tens of thousands of innocent Iraqis, and stirred up a hornets nest of animosity towards the U.S. Hell, we've manufactured more "Terrorists" than there were before we started. We, as American citizens, have even less liberty now than when we started. We get to endure the "Federal Feel-Up" and other outrageous acts by the TSA when we try to board airplanes. We see that we are going to have a National ID rammed down our throats, and that National ID will be tied to a myriad of databases (federally accessible) to keep track of our every move. Any time you swipe your card to purchase gas, groceries, or whatever, they'll know where you're at - real time! They don't need road blocks to keep track of you, they just need to peek over you shoulder every time you use your card. I'll stop there and save that topic for another article.

Back to our disappearing WMD's, I pose this question: Do you suppose this is why the Founding Father's said that the power to declare war was granted to the Congress, and not to the Executive or Judicial branches of government? They new that you would end up with an oligarchy thrusting the country into needless wars if the power to wage such wars were held by too few people. It's a serious topic that needs to be discussed by all the people before rushing into it. Now that the dust has settled, everyday people are looking back at the events surrounding the propagandizing and push to war. They are now realizing that there was no need for this Iraq war. They are coming face-to-face with the thought that they were "tricked" into going to war. How do you go to the families of our fallen soldiers and say, "Sorry, we made a mistake. His/Her death was unjustified -- and unconstitutional." If I was one of those family members and heard that there were never any WMD's, I'd be out for blood.

But, accountability is not the name of the game in Washington, D.C. No one is really ever held to the fire for such horrendous blunders. In this case, one could very easily show pre-existing neocon motivation for waging this war. All you have to do is spend a couple hours reading the hundreds of thousands of documents showing these facts. Heck they tell you themselves. Go to and look around. Definitely, you'll want to read the letter dated January 26, 1998 that was sent to then-President Bill Clinton (located at pushing for "the removal of Saddam Hussein’s regime from power." Pay close attention to the signer's of this letter. Recognize any of those names? I wonder what they've been up to in the last, say four years?

Here's my prediction for the closing of this chapter in our American history. Nothing will happen to anyone responsible for this crime against humanity. It will just quietly disappear off our collective radar screens. The mass-media will report less and less about the war. It will soon be covered about as much as Afghanistan is covered today. (There's another fiasco to put in our war resumé! It's a great place to go, if you want to purchase opium!) The Iraq war and the search for WMD's turned into a big mess. What really is the coming tragedy is that the American public will demand nothing be done of the perpetrators of this crime. No one will be held accountable. To be frank, I don't even think most Americans understand that it is their responsibility (in our form of government) to demand that those persons be held accountable. If we do nothing and we demand nothing, we will get just that, nothing! Government won't police itself.

In the coming months and years, as you feel your rights being stripped away from you, as you watch that funny money in your pocket buy less and less, and you see political upheaval in this country and around the world, just remember that unless you and I stop doing whatever it is that we've been doing for these last umpteen years and take control of our government, by force if necessary, we will become victims of it. Remember the warning George Washington left us with. It is just as relevant today as it was then: "Government is not reason, it is not eloquence, it is force! Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master; Never for a moment should it be left to irresponsible action."

Washington State Citizens Beware: Government double speak!

Sunday, January 09, 2005

Will Rice has written an article to/for the Seattle PI that we need to be aware of. We need to read between the lines of his article. He is making the case that our State is losing enormous amounts of money to inter-state commerce. If we look more closely at the subject of this article, we see that our State, as well as many others, are trying to find a way to get the Federal Government to grant "Commerce Clause waivers" to allow states to enter into State-to-State tax-treaties. It's all part of a program known as the "Simplified Sales Tax Project". This article isn't about Washington State losing tax moneys to inter-state internet sales. It's about getting deeper into our pockets. It's a propaganda piece to help justify a "new" tax on internet sales. Lets take a look at Will Rice's article, especially the last paragraph of his article...

"Let's preserve the sales tax by ensuring that it can be simply collected on all sales in Washington. Let's level the playing field for all businesses so they compete on price and quality, not tax advantage. That's the fair thing to do." (emphasis added)

Mr. Rice, would that be the same "fair thing" that Boeing gets in tax incentives? Shame on you! The last person I would listen to about "fair" in the world of taxation would be the director of Internal Revenue. It's not your job to be concerned with "fair". Your job is tax enforcement. I continue...

"Nationally, the amount of tax lost from remote sales has been growing by 25 percent a year. During the next biennium, the state Department of Revenue projects that the state will lose $1 billion in taxes because of remote sales. That's 6 percent of total state and local tax collections."

Correct me if I'm wrong, but you would have to have an annual tax income of $16,666,666,666.67 dollars for that last sentence to be true. Are you saying that the State of Washington pulls in $16.67 billion dollars annually in tax revenue? Where's all the money going? ( about a burden on the economy!) The following is a quote from the Washington State Constitution:



SECTION 1 TAXATION. The power of taxation shall never be suspended, surrendered or contracted away. All taxes shall be uniform upon the same class of property within the territorial limits of the authority levying the tax and shall be levied and collected for public purposes only. (emphasis added)

As I read that, I don't see where the State of Washington has jurisdiction or authority to reach into another state of the Union and demand that a "seller" fork over taxes imposed by our Internal Revenue laws (unless there exists a tax-treaty). Furthermore, it would be prudent for the State to quit giving "tax incentives" to every Tom, Dick, and Harry corporation that asks for one.

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